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Employer Information

About Us

  • Our mandate is to assist Yukoners back to work.
  • Our clients are unemployed Yukoners. Their skills and experiences represent a broad range of disciplines.
  • Open since September 2001, we average 900 client visits per month.
  • Our service is funded by the Yukon Government, Advanced Education, and Service Canada.

To Post a Job:

  • By phone: 867-393-8270
  • By fax: 867-393-8278 (click here for a printable pdf-format job ad form). You can download the free Adobe Reader here.
  • Online: click here for the pdf-format form
  • By email:
  • In person: Suite 202 - 204 Black Street, Whitehorse.

Your Job Will be Posted:

  • On our office Job Board.
  • On the YUWIN online Job Board.
  • On CHON-FM and CKRW, broadcast Yukon-wide and on the Web.
  • With Watson Lake Outreach.
  • With Dawson City Outreach.
  • With Yukon First Nations offices.
  • With SOFA (Service d'Orientation et de Formation des Adultes).
  • With the Yukon Council on Disability.

Free Services

  • Advertise with us and you have the advantage of reaching active job seekers. You increase the opportunity to find the right person for your business needs.
  • We offer employers the use of our boardroom to interview potential employees, for employment information sessions, and to conduct employment testing.
  • We can accept resumes on your behalf.
  • Our location in downtown Whitehorse facilitates connecting employers with prospective employees.
  • Yukon women who are unemployed, have a job interview and need an outfit to wear can take advantage of our Dress to Impress program.

Links to Regulatory Bodies

Other Business Services

  • Canada Business Services - CBN promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, and provides assistance through an organized network of service centres across Canada.